Sorry to tell you, dear reader that I wrote this article of mine in the night, thus what I could only think of, was my night with grandma. Such a beautiful memory grandma shared with me and my siblings, maybe it was her real story, I am yet to know for it was filled with some tragedy and much ecstasy as she went on, but emotion was in rave, emotion was so real to me for she painted out the pictures as they lived in her head.

Grandma said it all happened on the eve to two friend’s last day; what was their last day? The day they parted and never to return nor united. They both dreamt for a journey to start a new life, maybe they imagined or they assumed, this you will find out soon.

I never knew the personality portrayed in grandma’s story because she always wrapped this part up with many words, maybe she was the one. She continued her story; two strangers met at a park while journeying back to London. The airplane was not for the populace then so the classy men take the aircraft and the middlemen patronize the train. These two strangers met and became friends; the exchange of suiting words, the laughter and the jokes have created bonds between these souls. Grandma kept calling them strangers even after they became friends that lasted for a longer period of time. Grandma said I always called them strangers because that was what they were and that was what they actually became. Truly, it was a story of strangers became friends and two friends turned strangers.

A year and two years have passed between two intimately closed partners, so close beyond what words could contain, their closeness and love were what I dreamt for as grandma told the story before I knew that it all ended on the other side of the road. Should I rack my head to use the exact words that grandma used so you could see the enormity in this mystery of so-called unknown or undefined love.

The eve before their last day was when the cotton was removed, and I saw what I never saw coming. They were talking about the future when he; the guy in these strangers asked; when will we get married and she replied; is that the correct question to ask? For she was expecting a more personal question like, when will you get married? This reply put him on the sick bed if only he can recall the memory of those words. Of a truth, they never agreed to marry, though their friendship kind of outgrown that official way of approach. Unfortunately, to the poor guy, the lady was wedded after two months of this unplanned breakup.

All these happened to her and especially to the lover boy, just because the lady in question has always been jovial and fun with guys especially with a single guy, that is how she usually live her life whenever she moves to a new environment. I think the evil always come to friendly guys when a relationship isn’t defined.

HAPPY MARRIED LIFE was the last letter the lover boy sent to his friend.


Food Truck Wedding Tips


Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a “food truck wedding.”


The basic idea is simple. Have a food truck present at the reception to provide the food. Most of them are more accustomed to festivals and farmer’s markets, but many are adjusting to wedding catering. If you’re looking for something offbeat, it’s an excellent choice – certainly a memorable one!


If you plan to have a food truck at your wedding, here are some things to remember.


Get one that’s professional.


This not only means a truck that can produce consistent quality in their food but also takes care of their gear. Things like mobile truck wheel aligning may not matter for culinary goals, but it does tell you that the details matter. As anyone who has planned a wedding knows, the details can be vital.


Make sure that the truck has enough food.


This seems like it should be obvious, but it’s something easy to forget. Have a headcount of everyone at the party. Adjust for anyone that has a big appetite and assume they count as double. Then have some contingencies, in case people are hungrier than you expected.


Sides and toppings are also something you need to ask the food truck people. They might have a speciality and have nothing else. If that’s the case, you’ll need to arrange for catering for the sides.


Make sure the food is standing-friendly! Food trucks are great, but even as caterers, they don’t bring any tables and chairs. The menu has to be easily eaten one-handed.


Talk to the truckers. Yes, we’ll be telling you to do this a lot.


Apart from asking about their maintenance habits, both for the truck itself and their cooking gear, poke at their service standards. At a wedding, there’s a certain standard of both quality and speed that has to be met. It’s not the same as serving late night eats or serving big groups over a day.


If you’re opting for street food, you can be more relaxed. If you want the whole nine yards, then you’ll want to ask how they handle time frame, processing, napkins, and even supplies.


Ask the venue. They might not allow the truck to park. If they don’t have power outlets and the truck needs them, that’s also a logistical hitch.


Finally, pick a vendor you know. Food truck people are remarkably friendly, and it’s best to call in someone like this that you know personally.



Let’s talk about honeymoon; the joy of many men and the awaited day for many ladies. I believe your name isn’t Paul, that’s the only guy I know that will not know the meaning of honeymoon because his predecessor didn’t marry and he is following the same path, but if you are Paul then let me introduce you to what Honeymoon is, probably I will change your mind through this.

Honeymoon is a trip you take immediately after your wedding, it could be very few days or an extension into weeks, all depends on you but the focus here is what you choose to accomplish which should be to the general scale of the term; honeymoon. Note this is supposed to be a very important part of your life and a privacy based just for the purpose of building intimacy with your partner. Not focused only on love making (sex), you know sex will always be a norm but cultivating an intimacy that gives direction to your beautiful beginning as a family.


What To Do On My Honeymoon?

  1. Get a couple’s Massage

Give your honeymoon a start with a couple’s massage, request for an open air massage probably near the ocean where the natural breeze can be fully accessed. Look into your partner’s eyes while this is going on and give a warm smile, do this repeatedly and be funny/hilarious in between.


  1. Go on adventure

There is need to visit a new environment and probably places you have never been to and it will be suitable if it can be a local and attractive places, but seek for guidance and direction for the sake of safety.  Get walking and moving to help your body release more endorphins which can get you in the mood for love later.


  1. Time to be offline to the world

This one of the most important time you need to be offline to the world and be online to your world that is just starting, be quiet and totally disconnected from the world. Have an agreement with your partner to either check your mail and social media ones or twice per day. Let the focus be on each other and time to really talk and plan or I will basically say; a time to be full of expression, don’t allow business or job to interrupt.


  1. Get a Sexy Novel

In your loneliness in the world of two people, I can say with ease and full assurance that it is not lonely but lovely. It is time to pump the sexy atmosphere, it is not always about the one time sex of five to twenty minutes (and probably more to you both if you guys are full of energy), but more of making the atmosphere almost sexy even after the sex. Take turn and read the sexy novel to each other and be caught up in this atmosphere and let the stick beat the drum.


  1. An Indoor Service

Since you have chosen to stay in the hotel, don’t bother yourself for too much needs rather request for a constant in door or service staff that will always be available to meet your needs and provide your requests. Remember this time is to be treated as if it is only two of you left in the world.


  1. The Candle Time

Let the red candles come into play and let the atmosphere be changed to that of romeo and Juliet, put on your love playlist and let the symbol of love fill the room with a gently burning flames.


  1. What Not To Forget; The Camera

In all these things, let the camera be set on timer and let every moment be captured, for the future will remember this honeymoon day as the past and the memory will be brought alive.


  1. Find Exotic New Foods

Since this is a new environment for you, both of you should give taste to new foods. Buy it in small proportions so that money can be saved but try something new.


  1. Have a Pillow Fight or a simple lovely game

Get a simple game that you both can play together which will bring about love and laugh, not a brain tasking one like chess.


  1. See A movie

This is not a must but it can be tried out, if the cinema won’t be enjoyable kindly excuse yourself back to the hotel room.


  1. Try the Dance Flaw

It’s romantic to dance and holding your lovely partner will make it more remarkable, the dear man should grasp her by the waist and let her feel the tickling down to her soul, but if the dance floor make you uncomfortable, please remember your hotel room and excuse yourself


  1. Get up to Watch the Sunrise and probably the sunset also


  1. Hit the surprise with a Private Dinner

Window Accents for Weddings

Windows can be a great way to add a little accent to a wedding. Of course, it helps if the windows themselves have some accents!


Now, admittedly, you might not have much of a choice here. Sometimes, the venue of the wedding isn’t the sort of thing you can customize. Maybe there are no windows. Maybe you can’t modify them, no matter how set your heart is on a certain theme.


Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of ways to customize things without calling for renovation. Just make sure the venue got a good window cleaning Perth because dirty windows can ruin your photos.


Sometimes, the best way to accentuate something is to have no additions at all.


Vintage windows, the ones that are still in excellent condition at least, look good entirely on their own. This is one of the many things that make having a wedding or reception happen in a vintage building so appealing. The classic look and feel of these windows can add a touch of elegance to the whole event.


Of course, if you must decorate, there’s always the option of adding accents based on the theme. Your wedding does have a theme, right?


The theme doesn’t have to go crazy, either. It doesn’t have to be “Star Wars” or “goth biker.” It could be something as classy and traditional as white, white, and more white. The usual fabric sashes and fake flowers – roses most likely – to fasten them in place works great as an accent for windows.


Have you considered floating windows?


A floating window setup is where the frames and glass are “floating” in the air. This effect is achieved by securing them onto something transparent. The result is that they appear to suspend in midair, and it can have a Dali-esque effect to it.


It’s also a nice, quirky way touch to wedding photos. The best part is that it doesn’t take much accenting to maximize this. If you have a nice window already, you probably don’t need to add more.


If you do want to add other touches, how about adding curtains to the transparent frame? We did it and if your photographer is any good, it’ll look stunning.


Before we part, I’d like to point out one final important touch about windows and weddings: lighting.


Sure, any photographer worth his fee will be able to compensate for poor lighting or odd conditions. Still, you want the windows to at least make it easier on him, right?

Best Places For Your Honeymoon


After the wedding, there’s the honeymoon. You know the setup. The newlywed couple goes somewhere romantic or exotic. They spend their first few nights there, relaxing and just basking in the feeling of being married.


Of course, the honeymoon destination matters. After all, if you’re spending your honeymoon on a working vacation, that’s not very conducive to the sort of intimate bonding you’re expected to do. Picking the right place, along with the right accommodations is important.


With that in mind, where would be a good place to go for a honeymoon?


Now, nothing against Western Australia, but Ben and I wanted to go somewhere that we didn’t call home. So booking some nice homes with WA Stay was out of the question. Here’s a quick look at all the places that we did consider, and where we finally settled on.


Jamaica sounded like a great place to go.


There are plenty of great beach-side suites along the Caribbean, and Montego Bay was made famous by the lyrics of a Beach Boys song. It’s the sort of beach idyllic that puts you in a mood to curl up and relax in one of the many hammocks available.


Of course, the rest of the places in the song are good too. Aruba, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Key Largo.


Ben suggested the Riviera Maya, over in Mexico. We looked it up and found there are plenty of resorts in the area, and I’ve always wanted to see ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins. I’ve been fascinated by both the achievements and the brutality of the cultures since I was a kid.


Of course, for romantic getaways, nothing quite beats Paris.


There’s just something about the City of Lights that feels romantic. It’s the most cliched place in the world for a honeymoon, and it’s also exorbitantly expensive if that’s your plan. After much thought, I decided it was more of a 50th-anniversary spot than a honeymoon.


Italy’s also an excellent choice, and one with just as much storied history as Paris.


Personally, I’m biased towards Rome – because who doesn’t want to see Rome? Ben is fond of the Piedmont region and Tuscany. We’d both love to see Venice, too. There’s just so many places in Italy to see that it’s a little hard to choose.


I plan, for the 25th anniversary, to explore all of Italy somehow. There’s so much to see, so we’ll need a lot of time to get around to everything. Still, it’d be all worth it. It helps that we both adore Italian food.


Ben and I decided that our “lazy option” – the one we’d pick if we couldn’t decide on anything else – is scenic Tahiti. Specifically, we’d go to Bora Bora.


In the end, though, we settled on islands and history combined. We went to Greece.


Greece is temperate, vivid, and has plenty of history and beaches alike. We went there and saw all the sights in Athens. We visited a lot of beautiful beaches and even wandered around the historic spots around Crete.

A Perfect Plan to Ensure a Hassle Free Wedding Event

A wedding plan is something that envelops all that you wish to occur in your wedding occasion and it maintains a strategic distance from every one of those things that you would prefer not to happen. A wedding function or wedding occasion requires to consider a thousand of things. From choosing the shading topic of the wedding, to convenience game plan for visitors and relatives, to enhancement of the occasion setting, to organize refreshment, sustenance and in addition drink for welcoming visitors and contacts, a wedding occasion incorporates various errands.


A portion of the lucky men take delight to influence game plans of their to possess and shrewd ones contract experts to make courses of action that they can appreciate the stately exercises minus all potential limitations. Specialists or organizations that offer proficient administrations to sort out occasions, for example, wedding, engagement or corporate get-together, disposes of all the bother that happen amid a wedding occasion.


An occasion director knows well what really requires making an occasion effective, likewise, they are furnished with the fitting devices and labor to sort out an occasion easily. Aside from this, they know with all the likely issues that may happen amid a wedding, and they concoct a specialist answer for each current issue in a flash.


Procuring specialists or an expert wedding occasion administration organization is sufficiently not to guarantee accomplishment of an occasion. You need to look at the procedures your own. With a specific end goal to guarantee that things are going admirably or not, you can set up an agenda of the assignments which will be finished. In this way, you would be cleared that you are not missing anything. As you find that assignments are completing, check them logically.


Stay close and associated with the occasion administration experts to get refreshed with what’s happening and what is required to be finished. Additionally, you have to set up a rundown of visitors, relatives and gets in touch with, you wish to welcome on this exceptional day of your life, to verify that no huge individual is cleared out.


Have a discussion with the food provider on assessed spending plan. Educate him honestly regarding your money related limit and demand him the complete the things inside your financial plan. Recommend him the entire venders, who can give uncooked nourishment material and other fundamental things at sensible rates. Do the same concerning decorator, picture taker, and videographer.


Discover a travel organization that can convey reasonable voyaging bundles in mass that you can guarantee that all the pariah visitors can reach to their goal after the occasion with no bother. Considering these tips and insurances, one can effectively plan his/her wedding occasion, guaranteeing that he or she will appreciate this valued day to the greatest.

Wedding Transportation Tips

One thing you never hear anyone planning a wedding talk about is how easy it is to forget some of the small stuff. In fact, the one thing that looked just about ready to become a disaster on our wedding day was something we overlooked. Our transportation was just shy of being in total chaos!

Here are a few things I learned the hard way about getting transportation for a wedding arranged.

Whatever the travel time you have in mind, add about half an hour to it.

This is advice Ben picked up during his years working in the Philippines. The smarter locals would take the average time spent on the road and add up to an hour of leeway, just to avoid being late. He adopted the practice when he got back, and it’s served him well.

If he didn’t think ahead to factor in that extra time just in case, I believe that we’d have looked at a transport disaster on our wedding day!

If you’re going with a non-traditional wedding, maybe you can skip the limo?

Sure, I wanted to hire http://perthlimoexperience.com.au, but I had a pretty traditional wedding. If you’re going for something themed, the limo might not fit in. If you want to have a unique entrance or something more fun, other options handle it better.

For example, a Rolls-Royce brings the same sense of style and luxury as a limo. If you’re going for a fairy tale theme, a horse-drawn carriage is better for it than anything with an engine.

Book the company in advance! I cannot stress enough how important this is.

Hiring the company six months in advance. You want that much leeway, especially if you’re getting married during the busier seasons. What defines a busy season for the limo business? Any time of year where graduations, proms, and other weddings are common.

If you’re hiring a vintage car, this rule applies too. They’re usually in shorter supply than limousines, so you need to book far ahead of time.

Make sure your wedding party has a ride. It’s just the nice thing to do.

Sure, you can expect your guests to arrange for their own transport. What about the important people, though? Your wedding party should have their own rides, and if you can afford it, the kind thing to do is to arrange something for them.

Naturally, this includes making sure they’re not stranded at the venue when it’s over. This is especially true if your party has some out-of-towners.

Know your limousines. There’s more than one type.

Do you want to have a party on wheels? Do you want to give an impression of timeless style? Do you want to impress power and prestige? All of these can be served by a limousine, but sometimes some models are better than others.

One last bit of advice before you click home. Book the whole thing in person. This is one of those details of wedding planning that you want to handle yourself, to see happen in front of your eyes.

Advantages and disadvantages Of Working With A Wedding Photographer



While sorting out occasions, it is imperative for people to keep recollections. What’s more, the best alternative is to take photographs of these occasions. Without a doubt, anybody can take photographs of occasions, yet with regards to weddings, people particularly couples settle on the best. That is the reason, procuring a wedding photographer is an absolute necessity.


When contracting such specialists, couples can get great highlights that can profit them. The following are a portion of the accompanying.


Preferences of enlisting wedding photographers


Abilities in photography – First and chief, while enlisting wedding photography specialists, couples can get magnificent photographs since these specialists have the right stuff and learning in doing such undertaking. This is conceivable since most specialists from photography firms have finished related courses. In addition, these specialists have additionally acquired affirmations about the validity. Thus, photographs taken amid your wedding day can be special and engaging.


Hardware – When employing wedding photographers, couples are additionally rest guaranteed that photographs are taken utilizing the best and most recent gear. For one, photographers ensure that they are outfitted with the best camera. What’s more, these cameras can be connected with various sorts of focal point. Other than that, photographers likewise make utilization of exceptional instruments, for example, lights and tripods to catch all the more engaging photographs.


These are just a portion of the brilliant advantages couples can acquire while procuring photographers amid their wedding. Be that as it may, there are additionally occurrences while employing a photographer can destroy your occasion. These incorporate the accompanying.


Drawbacks of contracting photography specialists


Procuring cost – One of the principle disadvantages of contracting photographers is their expenses. Obviously, these specialists have the best aptitudes and information. Besides, they likewise make utilization of the best hardware. What’s more, they additionally give other related administrations amid your occasion. In any case, these administrations include some major disadvantages. Along these lines, couples need to ensure that they have adequate funds previously contracting such specialists amid your occasion.


Carelessness to individual needs – There are likewise situations when photographers neglect to oblige your requirements. There are couples who wish to include individual needs amid their wedding day. Unfortunately, some of these are dismissed by photographers which would some be able to of your plans. In this way, it is best that you guarantee that you have conversed with photographers legitimately before employing them.


These are just a portion of the fundamental things people should know about to guarantee that they can acquire stunning highlights from employing photographers amid their wedding.



Brody is my youngest brother and despite there being 15 years age difference between us, we are very close. Brody has been such an important part of my life, even though I used to whine when I had to babysit him! Brody has lived on the east coast for the last 19 years, but every time I visited we would pick up where we left off with games of Scrabble, swims at Kondalilla Falls and nowadays a few beers! A highlight for me is the time I spent with Brody on Vanuatu where I might have corrupted him just a little bit! Similar in both spirit and attitude to life, Brody and I maintain regular contact despite him currently living on the other side of the world. Sarah and I are stoked that Brody is coming all the way back from Oxford for the wedding and that he will also be playing the guitar as part of the ceremony.



Simon was the first friend I made after moving to Western Australia in 1989 at the tender age of 11. We met at Springfield Primary School and Simon helped me to overcome my nerves and settle into a new school and a new state. Simon and I have spent a large chunk of the last 27 years competing with and against each other in cricket and golf. Luckily he has forgiven me for breaking his nose with my express pace bowling. Simon is one of the most generous, fun-filled and genuine guys that I know, even though his nickname of Captain Grumpy is certainly justified at times! Simon and his family have been like a second family to me ever since my parents and brothers moved back to the east coast in 1997. I am wrapt that all the Whitehead family will be there to celebrate with Sarah and me on our big day!



David and I met at Craigie Senior High School, where we had a number of similar classes in Year 8. David and I became firm friends through a love of footy whilst at school and some infamous nights at 144 Bridgewater Drive after we graduated. I have had the pleasure of living, working and travelling with David, including a yearlong adventure to Europe. We have shared some crazy adventures over the last 25 years, including hiking from the top to the very bottom of the Grand Canyon and back again in a single day; something the signs and locals told us could result in death! Even though we don’t catch up as much as we used to, David has been a huge part of my life and I am looking forward to having him by my side on the big day.



I remember the day so clearly when I got told that I had a new baby sister…I remember feeling so excited thinking of the friendship that we would share.
Being 8 years younger than me, Laura and I seemed to always be at different stages in our lives…when I started high school, she was starting kindy, when I was working full time, she was blasting the screamo music and teasing her hair, and when I was over clubbing…well…you can see where this is going.
But throughout the years one thing always remained constant, our sissy bond. I am lucky enough to remember what she looked like when she was born, what her toddler giggle sounded like, how she would fall asleep when I pat her hair and when she threw up in her barbie car.
In more recent years our bond has grown even stronger, she is my rock, my confidant and a true treasure. She keeps me young and fresh and I can’t wait to have her by my side on this special day.



Jodie and I met in 2004 when we were both working for WAPOL Forensics. This was my first full time job, so Jodes welcomed and advised me throughout this time….and now I blame her for my addiction to coffee. She was a true friend, stuck by me through several break-ups, and always managed to make me laugh (especially when she names lolly babies in the stairwell and says hello to it every day). Our friendship remained strong after I moved on to another job and career and our sporadic catch ups turned into countless movie and Hans dates. One of my favourite memories is when we travelled to America and Canada together in 2013. Snow-shoeing at Lake Louise, getting lost trying to walk to the Space Needle and soaring over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter.
Jodes, you are the icing to my cake, the Rory to my Lorelai and my best friend forever and always.


Nat and I have known each other since high school.  I have so many fond memories of us back then. We used to write each other five page letters during class, mainly about boys, we discovered the joys and sorrows of alcohol together and helped each other through the dramas of being a teenager.
After we graduated, our lives and adventures took us in different directions, but we still kept in touch. Nat moved to London, met her wonderful man, and when she came home, our friendship became stronger than ever.
Nat is so outgoing and full of life, she never fails to inspire me to try new things. I can always count on her to help me through any tough time with wise words and honesty. I am so lucky to have her in my life and excited to share my big day with her.