Best Places For Your Honeymoon


After the wedding, there’s the honeymoon. You know the setup. The newlywed couple goes somewhere romantic or exotic. They spend their first few nights there, relaxing and just basking in the feeling of being married.


Of course, the honeymoon destination matters. After all, if you’re spending your honeymoon on a working vacation, that’s not very conducive to the sort of intimate bonding you’re expected to do. Picking the right place, along with the right accommodations is important.


With that in mind, where would be a good place to go for a honeymoon?


Now, nothing against Western Australia, but Ben and I wanted to go somewhere that we didn’t call home. So booking some nice homes with WA Stay was out of the question. Here’s a quick look at all the places that we did consider, and where we finally settled on.


Jamaica sounded like a great place to go.


There are plenty of great beach-side suites along the Caribbean, and Montego Bay was made famous by the lyrics of a Beach Boys song. It’s the sort of beach idyllic that puts you in a mood to curl up and relax in one of the many hammocks available.


Of course, the rest of the places in the song are good too. Aruba, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Key Largo.


Ben suggested the Riviera Maya, over in Mexico. We looked it up and found there are plenty of resorts in the area, and I’ve always wanted to see ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins. I’ve been fascinated by both the achievements and the brutality of the cultures since I was a kid.


Of course, for romantic getaways, nothing quite beats Paris.


There’s just something about the City of Lights that feels romantic. It’s the most cliched place in the world for a honeymoon, and it’s also exorbitantly expensive if that’s your plan. After much thought, I decided it was more of a 50th-anniversary spot than a honeymoon.


Italy’s also an excellent choice, and one with just as much storied history as Paris.


Personally, I’m biased towards Rome – because who doesn’t want to see Rome? Ben is fond of the Piedmont region and Tuscany. We’d both love to see Venice, too. There’s just so many places in Italy to see that it’s a little hard to choose.


I plan, for the 25th anniversary, to explore all of Italy somehow. There’s so much to see, so we’ll need a lot of time to get around to everything. Still, it’d be all worth it. It helps that we both adore Italian food.


Ben and I decided that our “lazy option” – the one we’d pick if we couldn’t decide on anything else – is scenic Tahiti. Specifically, we’d go to Bora Bora.


In the end, though, we settled on islands and history combined. We went to Greece.


Greece is temperate, vivid, and has plenty of history and beaches alike. We went there and saw all the sights in Athens. We visited a lot of beautiful beaches and even wandered around the historic spots around Crete.

A Perfect Plan to Ensure a Hassle Free Wedding Event

A wedding plan is something that encompasses everything you wish to happen in your wedding event and it avoids all those things that you don’t want to happen. A marriage ceremony or wedding event requires to consider a thousand of things. From deciding the color theme of the wedding, to accommodation arrangement for guests and relatives, to decoration of the event venue, to arrange refreshment, food as well as beverage for inviting guests & contacts, a wedding event includes numerous tasks.

Some of the grooms take pleasure to make arrangements of their own and smart ones hire professionals to make arrangements that they can enjoy the ceremonial activities to the fullest. Experts or agencies that offer professional services to organize events such as wedding, engagement or corporate gathering, eliminates all the hassle that occur during a wedding event.

An event manager knows well what actually requires making an event successful, also, they are equipped with the appropriate tools and manpower to organize an event smoothly. Apart from this, they are aware with all the probable issues that might occur during a wedding, and they come up with an expert solution for every existing issue instantly.

Hiring experts or a professional wedding event management agency is just not enough to ensure success of an event. You have to check out the proceedings your own. In order to ensure that things are going well or not, you can prepare a checklist of the tasks which are going to be done. Thus, you would be cleared that you are not missing anything. As you find that tasks are getting done, mark them progressively.

Remain close and connected with the event management professionals to get updated with what’s going on and what is required to be done. Moreover, you need to prepare a list of guests, relatives and contacts, you wish to invite on this special day of your life, to make certain that no significant person is left.

Have a conversation with the caterer on estimated budget. Tell him frankly about your financial capacity and insist him the get the things done within your budget. Suggest him the whole sellers, who can provide uncooked food material and other essential things at reasonable rates. Do the same concerning decorator, photographer, and videographer.

Find a travel agency that can deliver affordable travelling packages in bulk that you can ensure that all the outsider guests can reach to their destination after the event with no hassle. Considering these tips and precautions, one can efficiently plan his/her wedding event, ensuring that he or she is going to enjoy this cherished day to the maximum.


Wedding Transportation Tips

One thing you never hear anyone planning a wedding talk about is how easy it is to forget some of the small stuff. In fact, the one thing that looked just about ready to become a disaster on our wedding day was something we overlooked. Our transportation was just shy of being in total chaos!

Here are a few things I learned the hard way about getting transportation for a wedding arranged.

Whatever the travel time you have in mind, add about half an hour to it.

This is advice Ben picked up during his years working in the Philippines. The smarter locals would take the average time spent on the road and add up to an hour of leeway, just to avoid being late. He adopted the practice when he got back, and it’s served him well.

If he didn’t think ahead to factor in that extra time just in case, I believe that we’d have looked at a transport disaster on our wedding day!

If you’re going with a non-traditional wedding, maybe you can skip the limo?

Sure, I wanted to hire, but I had a pretty traditional wedding. If you’re going for something themed, the limo might not fit in. If you want to have a unique entrance or something more fun, other options handle it better.

For example, a Rolls-Royce brings the same sense of style and luxury as a limo. If you’re going for a fairy tale theme, a horse-drawn carriage is better for it than anything with an engine.

Book the company in advance! I cannot stress enough how important this is.

Hiring the company six months in advance. You want that much leeway, especially if you’re getting married during the busier seasons. What defines a busy season for the limo business? Any time of year where graduations, proms, and other weddings are common.

If you’re hiring a vintage car, this rule applies too. They’re usually in shorter supply than limousines, so you need to book far ahead of time.

Make sure your wedding party has a ride. It’s just the nice thing to do.

Sure, you can expect your guests to arrange for their own transport. What about the important people, though? Your wedding party should have their own rides, and if you can afford it, the kind thing to do is to arrange something for them.

Naturally, this includes making sure they’re not stranded at the venue when it’s over. This is especially true if your party has some out-of-towners.

Know your limousines. There’s more than one type.

Do you want to have a party on wheels? Do you want to give an impression of timeless style? Do you want to impress power and prestige? All of these can be served by a limousine, but sometimes some models are better than others.

One last bit of advice before you click home. Book the whole thing in person. This is one of those details of wedding planning that you want to handle yourself, to see happen in front of your eyes.

Pros And Cons Of Working With A Wedding Photographer

When organizing events, it is important for individuals to keep memories. And, the best option is to take photos of these events. Surely, anyone can take photos of events, but when it comes to weddings, individuals especially couples opt for the best. That is why, hiring a wedding photographer is a must.

When hiring such experts, couples can obtain wonderful features that can benefit them. Below are some of the following.

Advantages of hiring wedding photographers

Skills in photography – First and foremost, when hiring wedding photography experts, couples can obtain wonderful photos since these experts have the skills and knowledge in doing such task. This is possible since most experts from photography firms have completed related courses. Plus, these experts have also obtained certifications about the credibility. As a result, photos taken during your wedding day can be unique and appealing.

Equipment – When hiring wedding photographers, couples are also rest assured that photos are taken using the best and latest equipment. For one, photographers make sure that they are equipped with the best camera. In addition, these cameras can be attached with different types of lens. Other than that, photographers also make use of special tools such as lights and tripods to capture more appealing photos.

These are only some of the wonderful benefits couples can obtain when hiring photographers during their wedding. However, there are also instances when hiring a photographer can ruin your event. These include the following.

Disadvantages of hiring photography experts

Hiring cost – One of the main drawbacks of hiring photographers is their costs. Of course, these experts have the best skills and knowledge. Plus, they also make use of the best equipment. And, they also provide other related services during your event. However, all of these services come at a price. So, couples need to make sure that they have sufficient finances before hiring such experts during your event.

Negligence to personal needs – There are also cases when photographers fail to accommodate your needs. There are couples who wish to add personal wants during their wedding day. Sadly, some of these are neglected by photographers which can some of your plans. Thus, it is best that you ensure that you have talked with photographers properly before hiring them.

These are only some of the essential things individuals need to be aware of to ensure that they can obtain amazing features from hiring photographers during their wedding.



Brody is my youngest brother and despite there being 15 years age difference between us, we are very close. Brody has been such an important part of my life, even though I used to whine when I had to babysit him! Brody has lived on the east coast for the last 19 years, but every time I visited we would pick up where we left off with games of Scrabble, swims at Kondalilla Falls and nowadays a few beers! A highlight for me is the time I spent with Brody on Vanuatu where I might have corrupted him just a little bit! Similar in both spirit and attitude to life, Brody and I maintain regular contact despite him currently living on the other side of the world. Sarah and I are stoked that Brody is coming all the way back from Oxford for the wedding and that he will also be playing the guitar as part of the ceremony.



Simon was the first friend I made after moving to Western Australia in 1989 at the tender age of 11. We met at Springfield Primary School and Simon helped me to overcome my nerves and settle into a new school and a new state. Simon and I have spent a large chunk of the last 27 years competing with and against each other in cricket and golf. Luckily he has forgiven me for breaking his nose with my express pace bowling. Simon is one of the most generous, fun-filled and genuine guys that I know, even though his nickname of Captain Grumpy is certainly justified at times! Simon and his family have been like a second family to me ever since my parents and brothers moved back to the east coast in 1997. I am wrapt that all the Whitehead family will be there to celebrate with Sarah and me on our big day!



David and I met at Craigie Senior High School, where we had a number of similar classes in Year 8. David and I became firm friends through a love of footy whilst at school and some infamous nights at 144 Bridgewater Drive after we graduated. I have had the pleasure of living, working and travelling with David, including a yearlong adventure to Europe. We have shared some crazy adventures over the last 25 years, including hiking from the top to the very bottom of the Grand Canyon and back again in a single day; something the signs and locals told us could result in death! Even though we don’t catch up as much as we used to, David has been a huge part of my life and I am looking forward to having him by my side on the big day.



I remember the day so clearly when I got told that I had a new baby sister…I remember feeling so excited thinking of the friendship that we would share.
Being 8 years younger than me, Laura and I seemed to always be at different stages in our lives…when I started high school, she was starting kindy, when I was working full time, she was blasting the screamo music and teasing her hair, and when I was over clubbing…well…you can see where this is going.
But throughout the years one thing always remained constant, our sissy bond. I am lucky enough to remember what she looked like when she was born, what her toddler giggle sounded like, how she would fall asleep when I pat her hair and when she threw up in her barbie car.
In more recent years our bond has grown even stronger, she is my rock, my confidant and a true treasure. She keeps me young and fresh and I can’t wait to have her by my side on this special day.



Jodie and I met in 2004 when we were both working for WAPOL Forensics. This was my first full time job, so Jodes welcomed and advised me throughout this time….and now I blame her for my addiction to coffee. She was a true friend, stuck by me through several break-ups, and always managed to make me laugh (especially when she names lolly babies in the stairwell and says hello to it every day). Our friendship remained strong after I moved on to another job and career and our sporadic catch ups turned into countless movie and Hans dates. One of my favourite memories is when we travelled to America and Canada together in 2013. Snow-shoeing at Lake Louise, getting lost trying to walk to the Space Needle and soaring over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter.
Jodes, you are the icing to my cake, the Rory to my Lorelai and my best friend forever and always.


Nat and I have known each other since high school.  I have so many fond memories of us back then. We used to write each other five page letters during class, mainly about boys, we discovered the joys and sorrows of alcohol together and helped each other through the dramas of being a teenager.
After we graduated, our lives and adventures took us in different directions, but we still kept in touch. Nat moved to London, met her wonderful man, and when she came home, our friendship became stronger than ever.
Nat is so outgoing and full of life, she never fails to inspire me to try new things. I can always count on her to help me through any tough time with wise words and honesty. I am so lucky to have her in my life and excited to share my big day with her.



The story of Sarah and Ben begins, like most good stories do, at a pub. The Saint to be exact. It was the spring of 2009. Ben was at The Saint for a 30th and Sarah was a plus one for her brother David, also there for the 30th. Ben was your typical bachelor, whilst Sarah had just ended a long-term relationship and wasn’t looking to meet anyone. David, however, had a sneaky feeling that Sarah and Ben might hit it off and so encouraged Sarah to attend the party.

Ben and Sarah were introduced early in the night and struck up a connection over wine. Sarah was working at a winery at the time and Ben loves drinking it. Capitalizing on the promise of cheap wine, Ben contacted Sarah early the following week via Facebook. They agreed to meet at the Queens for what Sarah thought was a business transaction. Ben had other ideas however and the night was actually a first date!

Over the next few weeks, Sarah and Ben started dating and getting to know each other, but it wasn’t until Ben went away for 5 weeks over Christmas that they both realised how keen they were on each other. Arriving back on Australia Day, Sarah was the first person contacted by Ben. They headed to Bardon Park for an Australia Day Sky Show picnic, deciding that would become their anniversary as the official start of their love affair. The rest, as they say, is history.